Endeavour Flight Deck Tour

Powered Flight Deck

Panel between Commander and Pilot seats. This contains the controls for manual External Tank and Solid Rocket Booster separation as well as manual main engine shutdown.

Docking system control panels

Panel above the commander's seat

One of the last times this sign will be on...

Cargo Bay as seen from the Flight Deck 

Entry to the orbiter in OPF 1. All the signatures on the walls are of employees that have worked on the vehicle and those who have flown in it.

Mid-deck. The ladders lead up to the flight deck and would be removed at the pad after the astronauts have boarded for flight. The opening in the middle would lead to the airdock which had been removed at this point. The opening to the right is where the crew would enter the vehicle at the pad and leave after flight.

Mid-deck looking towards the nose of the vehicle

Looking through where the airlock would be.

Control station for docking and operating the Canada-arm.

Commander displays

Looking out the rear flight deck windows to the cargo bay.