Space Shuttle Missions

NASA's Space Shuttle (or officially called STS - Space Transportation System) is the United States' government's current manned launch vehicle.

The following pages highlight the missions that I've been fortunate enough to photograph.

STS-125  -  static pictures of  Space Shuttle Atlantis

STS-126  -  orbiter Endeavour  being transported by the NASA SCA (Shuttle Carrier Aircraft 747) 

STS-127  - Endeavour  - as seen from the Turn Basin at Kennedy Space Center

STS-128  - Discovery  -   as seen from the 406 Causeway in Titusville

STS-130  - Endeavour  -as seen from Banana Creek Viewing Site.

STS-131  - Discovery - as seen from KARS Park, Merritt Island, Florida.

STS-135Atlantis - as seen from KSC Press Site